Month: September 2021

What else is new with FMLS?

By now we’re sure you’ve heard the news! MAAR has partnered with Georgia’s FMLS (First MLS), offering our members more programs and tools, but at no additional cost to you! What changes can you expect? The GCMLS Board of Directors voted to discontinue Area Numbers. The map or zip code search features provide greater latitude for you …

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Big Changes Coming with FMLS!

GCMLS has partnered with FMLS (First MLS) out of Georgia. This move allows Gulf Coast MLS to offer our subscribers more programs and tools, at no additional cost to you. For the same amount of your current MLS access fees, your Matrix will be enhanced with the power of FMLS support to move into the future faster. Aligning …

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Here Comes the Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship!

The anticipation is building! In roughly 2 months, the GCMLS subscribers will have access to the complete FMLS suite of products and services, including Matrix, Remine, Cloud CMA and much, much more. That means GCMLS subscribers will benefit from the awesome technology services FMLS members already enjoy, including FMLS’ world-class Customer Support and the FMLS Training …

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