Enjoy lasting professional relationships with local businesses who are Affiliate Members of MAAR. MAAR has been well recognized as having possibly the most engaged Affiliate Council in the region.

Joseph T. Regan – Land Survey

Contact: Joseph T Regan Jr.
Work 1243 Sudan St. Mobile AL 36693 Work Phone: 251-331-9850

Lewis Communications

Contact: Ellen Faulkner
Work PO Box 6829 Mobile AL 36660 Work Phone: 251-476-2507 Work Fax: 251-470-9658 Website: Lewis Communications

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Contact: Ginger Copeland
Work 951 Government Street Mobile AL 36695 Work Phone: 251-645-5784 Work Fax: 603-334-3895 Website: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Magnolia Mortgage Co., Inc.

Contact: Melissa Butler
Work 1550 S. University Blvd S Mobile AL 36609 Work Phone: 251-287-8584 Work Fax: 251-661-2835 Website: Magnolia Mortgage Co., Inc.

McFadden, Rouse & Bender LLC.

Contact: Beth Rouse
Work 718 Downtowner Blvd. Mobile AL 36609 Work Phone: 251-342-9172 Work Fax: 251-342-9457 Website: McFadden, Rouse & Bender LLC.

McKibbon Hospitality

Contact: Leslie Murry
Work 1028 W I-65 Service Rd S Mobile AL 36609 Work Phone: 2513701614 Website: McKibbon Hospitality

Merchants Bank

Contact: Becky Barnett-Taylor
Work 1353 Cody Rd S Work Phone: 251-247-2015 Work Fax: 251-246-4420 Website: Merchants Bank

MH3 Printing & Ad Specialists

Contact: Pat Hand
Work 303 Glenwood Street Mobile AL 36606 Work Phone: 251-476-4643 Work Fax: 251-476-1422 Website: MH3 Printing & Ad Specialists

Midtown Media Productions

Contact: Matt Laird
Work Phone: 2512813054

Midtown Mortgage

Contact: Bryan Dewberry
Work 4366 Midmost Dr. Suite D Work Phone: 251-344-4022 Work Fax: 251-344-4088 Website: Midtown Mortgage

Mission 1st Mortgage

Contact: Bryan Dewberry
Work 805 Church Street Unit 2 Mobile AL 36602 Work Phone: 251-289-1141 Work Fax: 251-217-2077

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Troy Wayman
Work P.O. Box 2187 Mobile AL 36652 Work Phone: 251-433-6951 Work Fax: 251-431-8608 Website: Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

Mobile Arts Council

Contact: Charlie Smoke
Work 318 Dauphin St. Mobile AL 36602 Work Phone: 251-432-9796 Work Fax: 251-432-0442 Website: Mobile Arts Council

N-Spec, LLC

Contact: Kevin Graf
Home 6551 Barnes Rd Theodore AL 36582 Work Phone: 251-776-2788 Website: N-Spec, LLC

Nations Lending Corporation

Contact: Cissy Klotz
Work 1120 Hillcrest Rd Suite A-100 Mobile Mobile AL 36695 Unites States Work Phone: 2516233605 Work Fax: 2519294160 Website: Nations Lending Corporation

Northpointe Bank

Contact: Genny McGeary
Work 225 Dauphin Street STE 200 Mobile AL 36602 Home Phone: 817-374-2580 Work Fax: 404-506-9657 Website: Northpointe Bank

Prime Lending

Contact: Bill Robbins
Work 201 St. Frances Street Mobile AL 36602 Work Phone: 251-308-7136 Website: Prime Lending

Professional School of Real Estate

Contact: Margo Portlock
Work 411 Azalea Rd. Mobile AL 36609 Work Phone: 251-344-7447 Work Fax: 251-380-5254 Website: Professional School of Real Estate

ProShield Termite & Pest Control

Contact: Michael Hayes
Work Phone: 251-776-2362 Website: ProShield Termite & Pest Control
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