Mobile Area Association of REALTORS®

2021 President’s Corner – First Quarter Recap

First Quarter Recap
Greetings REALTORS®!
I hope everyone is having a prosperous start to 2021 as interest rates continue to remain low and property values continue to rise. Lets keep this market strong so our businesses can flourish and we keep our clients satisfied.
Our market continues to remain productive and busy and I trust you are too. Your Association on national, state, and local levels continue to remain diligent in garnering and sharing with you information to help assist you regarding COVID-19.
Casey Pipes continues to represent us regarding the Map for Mobile and zoning issues that could possibly affect us. We have worked very closely with him, discussing the Unified Development Code and the Planning Commission.
The first round of bidding is complete for the RPAC auction and it was a huge success! The next virtual auction will take place May 24 – 28. Please be on the lookout for future emails regarding the other phases of the auction.
We would like to all welcome Christy Guy back as our Chief Financial Officer! We all missed her and we are excited to be working with her again.
Here are the First Quarter Accomplishments:
·    The Governmental Affairs Forum held three meetings with the following speakers: January, Shonnda Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Mobile. February, Sandy Stimpson, Mayor of Mobile. March, Carol Hunter, Communications Director at Downtown Mobile Alliance. Thank you Ivy Thompson, 2021 Chair, for doing a wonderful job.
·    Gulf Coast MLS: We are excited to roll out our new FMLS group of products at no additional cost to you! The conversion will be starting in July, so please keep an eye out for all of the upcoming products.
·        The Community Relations Committee: Community Relations began the 2021 COVID restrained year by creating hundred of handcrafted Valentine’s Day cards for assisted living facilities around the Mobile area. On March 13th, around 30 of the committee members participated in a Habitat for Humanity build-day in which they completed the entire framing for a single woman raising her three grandchildren. The committee is organizing a supply drive for the month of April that will benefit local shelters around the city.
·    The Education Committee has been working with Affiliate Council to start planning EDCON 2022. Tentative dates are April 6-8, 2022, at the Golden Nugget in Biloxi. Mississippi Gulf Coast is planning to partner with us, again. The committee is also looking at adding a Coastal Key series in the Fall. This is geared towards newer agents. Please help encourage them to consider it.
·    The RPAC Allocations Committee has been working on a list of endorsements for the 2021 political cycle.
·      The Affiliate Council : REALTOR® Fest: The Affiliate Council are trying to put together a crawfish boil at a location with outdoor seating capabilities for safe social distancing. Details to come soon but we are all looking forward to it.
·    Your Executive Committee and Board of Directors continued to work diligently in providing our members with the best tools and services they need to be successful. Attended the Alabama Association of REALTORS® virtual meetings and the National Association of REALTORS® virtual meetings and conferences. We continue to improve our MLS System and continue to collaborate with other Associations around the State.
The Mobile Area Association of REALTORS® is healthy and very active in providing you with the services you need to be successful in your real estate career. You should all be very proud to tell people you are a member of the Mobile Area Association of REALTORS®.
I would like to personally thank everyone who is volunteering this year for the Mobile Area Association of REALTORS®. It takes many volunteers to be able to accomplish everything we have so far.
Cameron Weavil
Mobile Area Association of Realtors® President 2021