Mobile Area Association of REALTORS®

Message From MAAR President, Michelle Talbott Rogers 05/01/20


Greetings to all of you,

Another week in our “new normal” world and as we are settling into safe virus behavior, we are able to pause and consider our business finances.

Are you still transacting?

Are you experiencing some set-backs?

Or are you busier than ever?

As we look forward to fast a
pproaching May, it seems we may begin to see our economy re-open in phases with the change of the month. This will surely be an added benefit to our area! And what we are able to do again!

What are you looking most forward to? Dining out? Retail therapy? Mingling with friends and associates?

Of course, we know the virus will still be a concern, and care is still to be given. And our real estate business, still thankfully considered “essential”, will continue to be transacted with care.  But a little more “regular normal” will be welcome.

Perhaps, as we move into our new regular normal, our focus on who and what is important will remain. Perhaps, too, how we view our homes may be a bit different. How we utilize our spaces may be rethought. What are you finding to be important for the function of your household? This could lead to a reconfiguration of living spaces. Much lies ahead of us.

As we have been throughout these past few weeks, your Mobile Area Association of Realtors Board and Staff remain ever ready to serve you and assist you as you need. Always feel free to contact me for anything. 

See you soon!

Faith over Fear. Be strong. Stay informed. Encourage. Stay positive. Success is on the other side of this hill. Together, we can do it. 

That’s Who We R!

Michelle Talbott Rogers
Mobile Area Association of Realtors, President 2020