Mobile Area Association of REALTORS®

Message From MAAR President, Michelle Talbott Rogers April 10, 2020

Greetings to all of you,

As we move into another weekend, it seems things have quieted a bit from the Governor’s and the Mayor’s Offices as well as NAR and AAR. A bit of reprieve.

Hopefully we are soon out of this time.

Hopefully, also, we are all finding ways to have reconnected with our lives without the stressors of our outside world, having moved more present into our homes and our families, awaiting this time of quarantine and isolation to come to an end.

It is redundant to continually remind ourselves to do what is now by nature – actually not shaking hands or exchanging a hug and working our business of relationship by distance. This too shall pass.

If you need anyone at your Association, Leadership or Staff, we are available. Please reach out. And if you know of one of our Members in need, who has been affected by COVID19, please be sure we know.

Faith over Fear. Be strong. Stay informed. Encourage. Stay positive. Success is on the other side of this hill. Together, we can do it. That’s Who We R!

Michelle Talbott Rogers
Mobile Area Association of REALTORS®, President 2020