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Mobile Co. ranked fourth most visited county in 2022

Tourists visited Alabama’s beaches, campgrounds, state parks, and hotels in record numbers in 2022. In a decade, the amount spent more than doubled from $10.6 billion in 2012 to a record $22.4 billion in 2022, with the trend on pace for even greater growth during the current year, according to Governor Kay Ivey.

Alabama state tourism director Lee Sentell said more than 28.6 million visitors made Alabama their travel destination in 2022. Baldwin, Jefferson, Madison, Mobile, and Montgomery counties attracted the largest numbers of travelers. More specifically, economists said 71.3% of travelers chose these counties as their destinations.

Why is this important for REALTORS? It highlights the significant influx of tourists and visitors to Alabama, particularly in Mobile. It indicates a growing demand for accommodations and real estate in these areas, presenting valuable opportunities for real estate professionals to tap into the thriving tourism industry and cater to the needs of both tourists and potential residents.

The purpose of the study was to estimate the economic impact of the travel and tourism industry in
Alabama for 2022. Information sources used to prepare the report included primary data, detailed
monthly lodging tax data, copies of previously commissioned economic impact studies, and other
relevant information and publications. State lodging tax data analyzed for the report was on a “by
month of expenditure” basis. The data was provided by the Alabama Department of Revenue. The
study also used information obtained from selected issues of “Impact of Travel on State Economies”
(The Research Department of the U.S. Travel Association [USTA]). Any, and all, revisions in travel
industry multipliers or adjustments in primary data by USTA have been incorporated into the
Alabama 2022 report.

In Mobile, the total number of visitors increased in 2022 from 2021, from 3,288,205 to 3,294,083. Three counties were ahead of Mobile: Baldwin, Madison and Jefferson counties.

Mobile also saw an increase in direct travel-related employment by 3.4%. In 2021, Mobile had 14,371 and in 2022, the county had 14,860.

In total travel-related earnings, Mobile saw a 5.8% increase from 581,497,582 in 2021, to 614,948,786 in 2022.

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